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"I know of no other spot so obviously blessed by heaven."
Franz Liszt

Lake Como Wedding Planner & Services

"Little by little it starts to rise up in you like an exuberance of life, almost an exultation of sensations and feelings, as the varied panorama is unravelling in front of your eyes." – Giovanni Verga

Devoted to You Weddings is based on the shores of Lake Como and specialises in creating the perfect destination wedding experience. Developed by Ellena Bentley-Woods, a wedding planner from Australia who, enchanted by the charms of Lake Como, relocated here several years ago. With a love of weddings, a skill of organisation and a passion for designing, Devoted to You Weddings can turn your wedding dreams into a reality.

Inspiring poets, authors and composers for centuries, the romantic setting of Lake Como will elate your senses and alight your imagination, commencing your married life with an exceptional experience. Allow Devoted To You Weddings to assist you to achieve your desires.

From the initial enquiries to the end of your event, Devoted to You Weddings will help to guide you through the legal paperwork, find any service you require and locate your perfect, magical venue.
The objective of Devoted To You Weddings is to deliver an enjoyable wedding planning experience and to create an amazing wedding day beyond your imagination.

Ellena Bentley-Woods is passionate about weddings and takes true pride in attention to detail. Coupled with invaluable organisational skills, your wedding day and its entire planning process will be fun and stress-free.


"I’ve never seen such a place where the enchantment of love goes together so naturally." – Franz Liszt

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"...a slice of heaven fallen from above, one of the most joyful corners of this joyful Italy" - Waldemar Kaden

A very daunting exercise during your destination wedding planning is the paperwork and legalities. It can be very confusing and many places require communication in Italian. Devoted To You Weddings can assist you with this important component of your wedding. 

If you only require help to write your wedding program and ideas for vows, readings and music pieces during your Ceremony, we can write a perfect program together. Devoted To You Weddings can also provide an Italian or English symbolic celebrant for your wedding blessing if required.
“When you write the story of two happy lovers let the story be set on the banks of Lake Como” – Franz Liszt

Research and compare the famous landmarks, the private villas and the hidden beauties of Lake Como to locate your dream setting. On Lake Como you have the options of several venues for each aspect of your event. Should you require a church, garden or monument to set the tone for your Ceremony, followed by a grand hall or manicured, tree covered setting for your reception, the possibilities are endless with our choice of venues.
Photography & Videography
Photography & Videography
“The precise location of heaven on earth has never been established but it may very well be here.” – Herb Caen

Capture the precious moments of this incredible experience with award-winning and world-renowned photographers from Lake Como. From styled images to candid shots, our photographers will create a collective presentation of the Wedding Day emotions. Applying all the latest technology, allow our videographers to eternalise your day to experience it over and over again.
Music & Entertainment
Music & Entertainment
“You are the music while the music lasts.” – T.S Eliot

Allow our talented and professional musicians to set the tone of your wedding day. Select from classical musicians for your ceremony to a late night DJ with every other option in between. Create a shortlist of preferred songs and sentimental pieces for the special moments of your day. Children’s entertainment can be made available along with babysitters if required. Conclude your evening with fireworks from the middle of the lake as you depart from your perfect event.
Ceremony & Reception Styling
Ceremony & Reception Styling
“A sublime and enchanting spectacle.” – Stendhal

Such an important aspect of your wedding day is the style and theme. Be sure that your personalised touches shine through to set the scene of your wedding and to show your unique individuality.
Catering & Wedding Cakes
Catering & Wedding Cakes
“…and then there are all those wonderful theme evenings where special meals are served to complement the event.” – Jean Govoni Salvadore

Should your event be held at a location without its own kitchen, our caterers can serve incomparable quality cuisine to meet your needs. All dietary requirements can be catered for. Whether you desire a five-tiered wedding cake covered in fondant and flowers or a typical one-layered, Italian fruit wedding cake, our bakers can create a masterpiece for you to meet your specifications.
Pre and Post-Wedding Events & Adventures
Pre and Post-Wedding Events & Adventures
“One arm of Lake Como turns off to the south between two unbroken chains of mountains.” – Alessandro Manzoni

With the incredible natural elements at hand, take advantage of what this region has to offer. From lake sports, scenic aviation and mountain activities to choose from; fill your wedding holiday for you and your guests with adventures they will always remember. Combined with unforgettable cuisine, the fashionable boutiques and the ambience of Lake Como’s night life, your wedding will forever be embedded amongst the fondest memories of your closest family and friends.
“Is there a land of such supreme and perfect beauty anywhere?” – Longfellow

Selecting floral arrangements designed to suit your style and taste can be effortless with the help of highly acclaimed floral designers at your disposal. Choose from an array of shapes, colours, forms, species, styles and trends for your bouquet, buttonholes, table arrangements and ceremony.
Hair & Make-up
Hair & Make-up
“The lake exceeds anything I ever beheld in beauty.” – Percy Bysshe Shelley

If you can’t use your trusted professionals from home, allow us to find a specialist for you.
We can be sure to organise a trial before the event and plan pampering days for you and your special ladies.
Transport & Boat Hire
Transport & Boat Hire
“The Italians are so delightfully shameless when it comes to putting on a show.” – Tim Parks

Open your imagination to new and exciting ways to arrive to your wedding. As long as it is logistically possible, almost any type of stylish transport is available to you on Lake Como. As well as wet weather options, organizing special and characteristic transport for the Bride and Groom can be a memorable and unique moment of your day.
Airport Transfers & Hotels
Airport Transfers & Hotels
One almost believes that nowhere else than on the lake of Como can there be found such a paradise of tranquil repose.” – Mark Twain

For travelling needs and recommendations, you and your guests are able to choose from a vast variety of accommodation based on their requirements and needs. From basic accommodation to the most luxurious hotels or private villas, we can find you the right place to stay.
"The evenings spent there were divine..." - Giuseppe Verdi

In the very unlikely event you or your guests find yourselves in a difficult situation with regards to missing baggage, hotel transfers, accommodation or another circumstance where you find you need help with the Italian language, Devoted To You Weddings is more than happy to assist you with Italian customs and relevant difficulties.


“The lake in its entirety is sweet, amorous, Italian… all surrounded by splendid dwelling places, made for study and love.” – Flaubert

Lake Como

“A treasure which the earth keeps to itself.” – Wordsworth

Inviting your guests to Lake Como for your wedding is a truly magical adventure. For their enjoyment in the days surrounding your event, exploring the region will complement this unique and special holiday. From restaurants to sports, shopping & galleries, mountains and valleys, Lake Como can offer an unforgettable experience.

Devoted To You Weddings can arrange tours of any activity your guests desire. With over 150km of shoreline, Lake Como's y-shaped form contains many famous lake towns worth a visit. There are ample hiking trails, hundreds of roads for cycling, and every imaginable water-sport. You could take a tour of the area from aboard a sea-plane or a private boat, or make your way around the lake in your car with well known places to visit. The region, so steeped in history, has ample galleries and museums to see as well as theatres for live entertainment.

“…and start it with these words: ‘On the banks of Lake Como’.” – Franz Liszt

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