Grand Hotel Tremezzo

“It will be sunny in Tremezzo. I’ll take a vacation. I’m going to live like a real woman... perfectly simple, perfectly quiet, perfectly happy.” Greta Garbo, Grand Hotel Tremezzo, 1932 

It is a real 5 star grand hotel, a place steeped in history with a sense of luxury. Located in Tremezzo, on the opposite shore of Bellagio, Grand Hotel has been chosen by the elite international tourists who shared a passionate love for Como Lake since 1910. The secret of this success lies, perhaps, in the reflections of the lake in the one hundred windows of the hotel, or among the flowers in the park, or the atmosphere of a timeless past in every room. Allow yourself to be enchanted by period furnishings and sumptuous fabrics, and be immersed in pastel colours and lovingly tended details of this unique place in the world.